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 “A man's mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”

Oliver W. Holmes 

The Mind

The mind is a powerful tool, and when your thinking and actions are brought into alignment with the heart, you will be able to create the joyful and happy life experiences you desire.  As you learn spiritual and psychological practices,  you can go beyond the limitations of the mind, and connect more deeply with your heart.  You will learn to cultivate a practice of quieting the mind and experience inner peace .

The thoughts and beliefs that you focus on direct the flow of your life energy, creating the experiences that reflect these beliefs and thoughts.  Your life experiences, your relationships, even your physical health are all reflections of how you are focusing your attention.  Learning to change your focus requires dedication and commitment. You have to make the resolution that nothing is more important than your inner peace.. 

Sometimes we find ourselves focusing on negative thoughts from the past, or anxiety about the future, which causes stress within our lives.  Sometimes these negative thoughts seem to be beyond our control an we may feel trapped and without hope. In order to heal these wounds, it is necessary to release the emotional energy that has been repressed or pushed away.  By releasing repressed emotion and bringing acceptance to our past experiences, you can bring inner peace into your conscious awareness, allowing the old thought patterns to be dissolved. I have found that EFT is a great tool to help you release repressed energy in the for of anger, sadness, depression, etc. 

      Change your thinking and welcome inner peace.